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Upgrading to a current gen Xeon… worth it?

Upgrading to a current gen Xeon… worth it?

Recently I had a chance to introduce a new server into our environment spec’d out to use two CPU’s from Intel’s Xeon Gold family with the same amount of cores as the server it was replacing.  Could their be an increase in CPU performance?

Let’s find out, using a quick and easy way to measure:  Cinebench R15

The old server (Dell R720XD) running two Intel Xeon E5-2667 v2 processors (Ivy Bridge, 8 cores each):

The new server (Dell R740XD) running two Intel Xeon Gold 6144 processors (Skylake-SP, 8 cores each)

BIOS and Power management settings were set to maximum (no power savings, max performance)

So first, 16 cores of Xeon E5-2667v2 (Hyperthreading enabled)

A score of 2464.  No slouch.

Next, 16 cores of Xeon Gold 6144 (Hyperthreading enabled)

Wow, 3427! Almost 1000 points higher, which if my math is right is nearly 40% faster.

Keep in mind this is one benchmark, YMMV, but it’s an easy way of showing the difference you can gain in three generations of CPU’s.

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